An artist who dabbled in everything art and craft, became addicted to Pinterest and fell in love with chalk finish paints.  But alas, the pockets weren't deep enough to buy the designer lines of chalk paint, and the price of the specialty brushes & waxes..oh my!

Soft Southern Strokes

Along came a prince..

 Of course, if you still want to DIY your own chalky paint, grab our chalk powder , it is all natural, like our paints, it is the finest grade available to provide a silky smooth chalk finish every time, and made right here in the U.S.A. We did the hard work for you, and produced the perfect blend of ingredients to add to your paint. Instructions are included with the Chalk It powder for mixing the perfect chalky finish paint. 

 Our Chalk It matte Paint covers wood, previously painted or stained, without stripping or sanding. You can even paint right over the hardware. Our chalky finish paint works well on metal, glass, hardboard, Masonite, and more. To convey our love of all things Southern, you will find custom colors in our chalk it matte  paint and artist paint  line, like Blue Suede Shoes, Green Mater, Old Yeller..that's right y'all. You won't find these colors anywhere else in a furniture paint line.  And when you compare the quality of Soft Southern Strokes paints and prices to the most popular chalk finish  paint products; you just can't beat our deals. Welcome to Chalk It Shop; where art meets design. This is the frugal designer's dream. 



You can make your own chalky paint,  it'll be fun..they said. But the half baked DIY recipes turned out a half baked chalk finish paint.. the homemade paint didn't adhere well; and it still had to be sanded, not the silky smooth finish you want on your furniture..what to do

A high quality, affordable artist and chalk paint line made in the USA.

Once upon a time....


of sorts.. What happens when an artists meets a chemist of 30 years.. the perfect silky chalky matte paint, made with the finest ingredients, in custom colors, at an affordable price. Hooray! If you still want to DIY your  chalk paint, just grab some of our chalk it matte power, add to your flat paint, Viola!

The half - truths

Family and friends, fellow artists and crafters in social circles were interested.. We must share with the world.. This is how Soft Southern Strokes chalky matte  paints were born. 

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The Pros of Soft Southern Strokes Artist and Chalky matte  Paint.

Our artist and chalky finish paints are high quality, affordable and made right  here in the USA. Our artist and chalk it finish paints are available in a large selection of custom colors, (see our color chart below). Chalk It matte Paint provides excellent coverage, so a little goes a long way; 1 quart of our chalky finish paint is enough to transform the cabinets in an average size kitchen! Transform a dining table and chairs with 16 oz. of paint. No stripping, no sanding! 

Happily Ever After